Minnesota After Effects User Group

The Minnesota After Effects User Group! From Novices & n00bs to Pros & Enthusiasts! All are welcome!

About this group...

The first and only After Effects User Group in the Twin Cities Metro Area. All are welcome!

Our group consists of a wide range of students and industry professionals who use (and LOVE) After Effects for everything from just compositing a 3D scene or animating some text to scripting, expression driven effects and puppeteering!! Come and meet some new people, network, find others who have the answers to your questions, or those who use After Effects in a similar way you do, or share your knowledge with others. Most of all come for fun, learning, giveaways and a chance to speak geek with others fluent in your native tongue!!

The Minnesota After Effects User Group meets monthly. for the most up to the minute information check us out on Facebook.

User Group Manager: Scott Cornell 
User Group Assistant Manager: Dennis Becker

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